As a requester, you can choose what types of spot you need by default (car, motorcycle, bike, etc...). However, if you need to request for a specific type ponctually, you can do so when you're doing your request.

  1. Click on the days or half-days you wish to request a spot. 
  2. The slots selected are displayed in blue. 
  3. Then click on the vehicle icon in the card.
  4. Select the type of spot and then click on OK.
  5. To validate your selection, click on Confirm.
  6. When a message appears, refresh your page by clicking on the link in it.
  7. If a spot has been allocated to you, the day is now green and you can see the type of spot in the card. If there is no spot available, the card is red.
  8. You will receive emails as a reminder of your request and for the confirmation.